Our drive works fine with AC as well as with DC supply. It is fully compatible with AC induction motor Pumps and High efficient PMSM Pumps( including Submersible, Surface mount pumps and Open well pumps).

The system is composed of a PV array, a pump and a solar pump drive. Based on the design philosophy that it is more efficient to store water rather than electricity, there is no energy storing device such as battery in the system which makes system greatly economically viable and reliable


  • Remote Monitoring of parameters possible
  • Parameter like frequency, flow, total flow, O/P Voltage, o/p current, input Voltage, input current. power can be monitored on the screen of the year PC/Laptop & Mobile
  • Hourly ,Weekly, Monthly and yearly report generation can be possible with the extended software SD card post and GSM
  • Flot Switch for tank over flow.
  • Over Current Protection , Over Voltage Protection ,Under Voltage Protection, Dry Run Protection and Single Phasing Protection.

Solar Pump Controller with MPPT for PMSM and AC Pump/Motor

Solar pump system introduction

Solar Pumping system becomes more and more popular, it can be applied to daily (underground water), agriculture irrigation, desert control, pasture animal husbandry, water supply for islands, wastewater treatment engineering , and so on. In recent years, with the Promotions of the utilization of new energy resources, solar pumping systems are more and more used in municipal engineering.

In India with great support of MNRE Solar Pumping is going to cover very significant share in water pumping section.


Power Rating 1 HP 1HP 2HP 3HP 3HP2 5HP 7.5HP 10HP
SOLAR PANEL(Wp) 900Wp 1200Wp 1800Wp 2700Wp 3000Wp 4800Wp 6800Wp 9000Wp
Panel Arrangement(325Wp) 3*1 4*1 6*1 9*1 10*1 16*1 11*2 15*2
Voltage Range 0-70V 0-90V 0-150V 0-200V 0-210V 0-350V 0-260V 0-340V
Output Max Current 9A 12A 9A 9A 10A 9A 19A 19A

Technical details of solar controller