VERSIL Pumps is a prime manufacturer of pump sets based in Rajkot. We are having a modern pumps and motors manufacturing set up, with our own in house research and development set up. It is backed by a tool room and a manufacturing set up of high precision machines. Having ISO-9001 accredation, our focus is on continuous and consistent quality pump manufacturing. Our product range include self priming pumps, centrifugal pumps, open well submersible pumps and bore well submersible pumps. We also have a set up for manufacturing of fully stainless steel fabricated bore well submersible pump sets.

We have developed a special Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) for solar application. These motors with our fully stainless steel pumps are used for solar application. These PMSM pumps are far more superior in terms of work performance, life, low voltage working and ef?ciency than regular pumps. These pumps work on lowest radiation of sun, hence start early and stop late in a day giving higher daily water out put. These pumps are low in maintenance cost with negligible breakdown possibility because of its sturdy designs. PMSM work on wider voltage bands than any regular motors.

We have also designed and developed controller drives for these pump sets which are so tuned to enhance the ef?ciency of the entire solar system through our pumps. These drives are hybrid in nature and can help the pump run on solar as well as other source of power like electricity or generator supply. These drives protect the PMS motors from over loading, dry running and extreme low or higher voltages. These drives can be used to monitor the pump functioning remotely from any location and any basic support can be provided for any distant location through GPS system. These controller drives are manufactured at our main plant in Rajkot.

A state of the art testing facility is installed at our plant using a sun radiation simulator. With the help of this simulator we test the products at any condition, of any state, any country, any location speci?c which make our products readily adaptable to different sun radiation conditions. It is our endeavor to get this PMSM technology in centrifugal as well as openwell pump designs to enable the use of solar technology in these products also, more effectively and ef?ciently.

VERSIL PMSM solar products are revolutionary in the solar pumping ?eld. Our focus is to make the bene?ts of these products available to the society as a whole, in India and Abroad.


PMSM Motor BLDC Motor Induction Motor
Rotation 0-7200 RPM Speed, Constant Speed 0-7200 RPM Speed, Constant Speed 0-3420 RPM Speed, decrease with load increment
Power Source 50/60 Hz AC, DC and Solar Power 50/60 Hz AC, DC and Solar Power Only 50 or 60 Hz Single / Three Phase AC or Solar Power
Voltage Level Low and High voltage both are possible Low Voltage Only High Voltage Only
Operating Voltage Range 50% to 110% of rated voltage (wide range) 80% to 110% of rated voltage (moderate range) 90% to 110% of rated voltage (narrow range)
Current Require for same Load Less due to high voltage and vector control High due to less voltage High due to less efficiency
Pump Motor Permanent magnet synchronous motor Brushless DC Motor AC Single / Three Phase asynchronous motor
Frequency 0 to 250 Hz 0 to 250 Hz 0 to 50 Hz
Motor Efficiency 83 to 92% 80 to 90% Single Phase = 63%, Three Phase = 75%
Good Performance Zone Wide, 50% to 125% of rated load Moderate, 70% to 110% of rated load Narrow, 90% to 110% of rated load
Overload Capacity 150% 120% 120%
Unit Efficiency (Motor and Pump Combine Efficiency) 2-10% higher than Induction Motor Pump (include controller) 2-8% higher than induction motor pump (include controller) 2-10% lower than PMSM pump (include controller)
Torque Ripple Less More Less
Volume 20% to 50% Smaller 20% to 50% Smaller Larger
Weight 20% to 50% Lighter 20% to 50% Lighter Heavier
Functionally Multi functional and automatic Multi Functional and automatic Unitary


The permanent magnet synchronous motor is cross between an Induction motor and brushless DC motor. Like a brushless DC motor, it has a permanent magnet rotor and windings on the stator. However, the stator structure with windings constructed to produce a sinusoidal ?ux in the air gap of the machine resembles that of an induction motor. Permanent magnet synchronous motor's power density is higher than induction motors with the same ratings. Today, these motors are more powerful while having a lower mass and lower moment of inertia.

  • High-efficiency permanent magnet motor requires less solar arrays.
  • Motors are in Smaller Size, lighter weight still gives longer service life, Higher Efficiency.
  • Wider speed range (0-7200rpm)
  • Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor give more output @ +25% to 35%.
  • Can be used in AC & DC supply.
  • With the technology of DC to AC conversion, It owns the advantage of low noise and can start under
  • low voltage and low radiation.
  • Soft start : Motor starts with high torque and smooth acceleration.
  • The Motor Structure is made up of stainless steel with imported Alloy mechanical seal which is durable in use.
  • Can be used with centrifugal pump for big flow or a helical rotor pump for high lift.


  • New Design, Smart / Intelligent controller Drive.
  • MPPT function that is maximum solar power point tracking will adjust work speed automatically. So motor can extract maximum power from panels and provides maximum water output according to solar radiation.
  • Intelligent control provides dry run protection, if there is no water in sump for 1 minute, solar pump will stop working automatically. In addition, it has intelligent overload protection when the abnormal situation appeared during the work, the pump automatically shut down.
  • It offers Protection from high-voltage, low-voltage, single phasing, over current and overload.
  • It also offers automatic ON / OFF.
  • Remote monitoring System : RMS will keep record of operational data and provides access to it remotely through mobile phone or computer, for maintenance support.